TASCHE BUCATE – Modular forniture

Tasche bucate is a game that invites to discover and imagine new ways to build. It is a fascinating piece of furniture that does ot declare itself immediately but invites to watch and discover. Thanks to its design, there are some spaces which are visible and clear and others which are undeclared and hidden, as it is in our lives.

  • TASCHE BUCATE - Single elementtasche-bucate-laccato
  • TASCHE BUCATE - Sculpture compositionTasche-bucate-composizione-scultura-dettaglio02
  • TASCHE BUCATE - "Ometto" compositionTasche-bucate-composizione-ometto-dettaglio04
  • TASCHE BUCATE - Island composition Tasche-bucate-composizione-isola-dettaglio01

Tasche bucate goes from a single element to many, so that you can build your own composition. Thanks to the metallic pole you insert in the hole, the composition is made stable. Every single piece has a central space which is open and two side spaces which can be closed or not.