Pregadio – Hanger dress

Pregadio – Hanger dress has an essential lightness that is made unmistakeable by the clean lines, emphasized by vivid colour combinations. The polite but firm silhouette of. Pregadio – Hanger dress is ideal for the most varied contexts.

  • Pregadio - Hanger dress kitpregadio-appendino-componenti-dettaglio02
  • Pregadio - Hanger dresspregadio-appendino-dettaglio02

The elegant silhouette, with Nordic spirit, of Pregadio – Hanger dress combines round and square shapes with a lower level ideal for shoes and handbags. As the entire collection, Pregadio – Hanger dress is designed to be assembled and disassembled (if needed) easily. The components can be easily  interlocked without the use of glue.The elements are assembled interlocking, without the use of screws or glue. Two additional components makes Pregadio – Hanger dress a complete furniture. The mirror and the empty pockets for your keys, wallet, phone, rings etc.