MOD – Modular forniture

Freedom to move: to shift mod sideways back and forth is really easy. With few movements  MOD can always be different.
Freedom to shape: the possibility of movement allows to create everyday a different shape, which, with a play of solids and voids, winks at architecture.

  • MOD - Single ElementMOD-anta-arretrata-anta
  • MOD - Column CompositionMOD-composizione-colonna-dettaglio04
  • MOD - Wall CompositionMOD-composizione-parete-dettaglio02

Mod is module with 2 faces: placing the partition you can obtain two different spaces.
Furthermore, the Mod individual elements are assembled in various compositions thanks to small connection holes, placed in the upper and lower parts,allowing their movement. In Mod the customizable printed element (picture or texture) says your piece is unique and belongs to you.