Here is some of the textures that we have create for you. Please scroll down the page to find additional customization options!

  • MCgraphic-mc
  • RIGHEgraphic-righe
  • YOUgraphic-you
  • Mexicographic-messico
  • VERNICE ROSAgraphic-vernice-pink
  • CITTA'graphic-case
  • AZULEJOS 8graphic-azulejos08
  • FOGLIEgraphic-foglie

Creative and graphic customization

“The design should go back to basics, that means to be accessible to everyone.”

Essential shapes and colors are modeled to get furniture with functional and emotional content. In addition the possibility of a complete customization.

Indastria Design’s furnishings are designed  starting from their individual elements. The buyer closes the creative process, becoming the interior designer with the ability to combine the  elements in different form and functions.

One additional customization concerns the graphics. The collection of textures gives the opportunity to characterize the furniture making a unique piece. The print is made with digital technology and the water varnish gives protection against aging and usury.

For a more creative approach, you can send your own graphic.This way we guarantee that you will have a piece of furniture unique and original in your home or in your office.

MOD: printing will occurs on panels that are cm 37.5*37.5 in size
ABI – Small table: large tray is cm 52*23.5 while small tray are cm 23.5*23.5.

Invio texture ed immagini

Please note that file types allowed for customized graphics are PDF (high quality) or jpg (300dpi).
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